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5777 Old Winder Hwy in Braselton
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Is My Child Old Enough for Contact Lenses?

ContactLensBlogContact lenses can have so many benefits. The most common reason that people want contact lenses is that they are so much more convenient than glasses. We are often asked when a child is old enough to get contact lenses.

The answer depends on many factors though. Keep reading to find out!

A recent study showed that ninety percent of children who were nearsighted and between the ages of eight and eleven years old had no trouble applying or removing contacts without assistance from their parents. This is important for parents to know because it shows that many children as young as eight are able to wear contacts.

One of the factors parents need to take into account is their children’s level of personal responsibility. You will want to ask yourself a few simple questions: Do they have good personal hygiene habits? Do they keep their room clean? Do they follow rules? If you answered no to at least a few of these questions, we would not recommend contact lenses for your child. Although contact lenses are not a lot of work, it’s important that they are used correctly in order for them to work properly and not cause any harm to the child’s vision.

Contact lenses have many benefits, especially for children who may scratch or lose their glasses or who have a hard time playing sports while wearing glasses. If they are responsible, we welcome older children and teenages to begin wearing contact lenses. A child as young as eight years old is actually able to wear them, but we trust your judgement too.

If your child is ready for contact lenses or you simply have questions, give us a call today!